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I love stories in most formats. Do you prefer certain mediums, traditional books, ebooks, audiobooks, movies, tv shows? I love different kinds for different reasons. I think what is best to me, is to find a story I love and sink into it, really get immersed in the world and characters.

I’ve worked many different kinds of jobs but I found myself wanting to create stories. Little Nate, when he was a kid, wanted to be an animator and help create movies. As I’ve grown older, I’ve wanted to have a more hands-on approach to the story and crafting stories that make a difference.


Nellybug was a story that was inspired by my first child. I thought about this little bundle of energy, thoughts, and dreams. I wondered who she was and what she would become and what I hoped she would discover in the world. This was the seed for the creation of Nellybug, a character that was exploring a world all around her, full of discoveries, expectations, and situations where she would have to define herself. She lives in Neverland but her adventures will take her elsewhere as well.


Nellybug started with just telling a simple story, who was the Tooth Fairy, where did she come from, why does she do what she does and what exactly is it that she does? As those elements swirled together, more characters started showing up and the world became more complex.


This inevitably led to more stories starting to flow. Plans were made for a set of stories that tell an overarching story, one that involves Nightmares and fairies, the main nemesis for the Tooth Fairy cause. The stories will lead us to understand the nature of these dark creatures more and more book by book. Nellybug will lead that charge, with her friends and team helping her along the way.


There are plans for other books that focus on other characters in Nellybug’s world and will fit in nicely with the world and overarching storyline.



Have you ever wanted to make something? Something hard mind you? Put your time into chasing down the vision in your head? How would it feel if someone came up and said, No, bad idea. That will never fly. Or if they just took over producing your idea, giving you little to no credit? That's how I feel. The traditional model has a lot of help but also includes gatekeepers. They weed out things that aren't seen as commercially viable or unwanted by the marketplace. J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter ended up rejected dozens of times for that reason and look where it is now.


Am I that diluted that I think I wrote something like Harry Potter? To summarize, no. I decided I'd rather start creating and build a team around me that helps polish and create something amazing, borrowing ideas from the big book businesses but avoiding the gatekeepers. You are the gatekeeper and I want you to enjoy my stories. At the end of the day, it's your opinion that matters and I want to deliver something meaningful to you.


Kickstarter has been a way for me to continue creating books that don't cut corners. Using professional editors and illustrators is expensive, but worth every penny. The euphemism to not judge a book by its cover is honestly quite silly when it comes to actual books and we can tell a lot by the work that goes into the presentation of a book.


Like I said before, I don't like to cut corners on quality and hope the work and expense that went into producing these stories is something you can see and makes you or your young reader excited to pick up a book and jump in.




I have quite a few stories in production, at various points in their journey. A few series are underway with some main characters that I think you'll enjoy following on their journey, whether that leads them under the sea, into the skies, or racing at superhuman speeds. The traditional book publishers believe a one book per year schedule is best but I'm not sure, binge consumption of stories is common and I'm not sure if I need to produce faster to make readers happy. I want these books to be released in a way that encourages reading. Reading helps brain development and the formation of lifelong healthy habits. If you check out my blog, Instagram, or YouTube channels, I drop hints at random on what's underway. I hope you are enjoying following along with me on my author journey.




For me, there is a part of me that just needs to tell stories. I like to plan them out and carefully craft them but keep a lot of control. The book format lends itself best to my talents and interests and for right now, that is my plan, to keep creating engaging books, ebooks, and audiobooks. If you want to discover more about what I’m creating or my process, you can find a lot of additional information on my YouTube channel, as I enjoy making movies.




It takes an amazing team filled with professionals to create memorable characters, stories, and artwork. Here are some of the professionals I've had the pleasure of working with to bring my self-published stories to life.


Justin gerard

Justin is a very talented illustrator that has created the pictures for many books. He loves drawing dragons.


Cam KEnDeLl

Cam is a fun illustrator that creates fantastic gnomish adventures in daily update form, along with an assortment of inspiring, delicious artwork that you can find on his website or Instagram.



The story of Nellybug was started when Ainsley was first born, a group of stories to share at bedtime. Ainsley is a curious creative sould that loves great stories.

MEet His Creations

Celebrating heroes of many shapes and sizes, Nate's worlds and characters represent many facets of the young human experience and encourage a love of reading. Explore those worlds below.


nELlybug ; friends

Nellybug is a curious fairy born from a little girl's first sneeze. She is assigned a job as a plant pusher fairy, becomes a woodland creature dental fairy, and ultimately becomes the world's first tooth fairy as she saves her friends from the attack of a nightmare using a fairy dust-coated tooth.

In the second installment, Nellybug must help save the Greater Fairy Forest and all of Neverland from a dangerous infestation of a mysterious growth called the Shadow Frost by fairy leadership. Will Nellybug and her team of (mostly) brave warriors find the source and stop it in time? You'll have to continue reading about her adventures to find out.

The third Nellybug adventure will take a new turn and twist and is currently undergoing editing. It is fully written and centers on the different kinds of fairies, as Nellybug meets her sisters and must work with them to save their human child from a dangerous attack of Nightmares. Will they be able to work together and figure it all out? I'm excited for you to find out in book 3, Nellybug and the Quest to Save Nelly. The tentative release is set for 2020.

For more info, follow my progress on Instagram.



The first book in an exciting new series, this book will explore what it means to be a hero and how we can find the hero inside of all of us. If your middle grader or you are a middle grader that loves animals and superhero stories, this book will be a fun ride. The artwork on the side was done by me and is an exploration of the main character of book 1 and the namesake. This book is fully written and is beginning the process of revision with illustration scheduled for 2020. A release date in 2020 is my full hope and intention.

For more info, follow my progress on Instagram.


YET Unnamed

Scheduled to finalize writing in 2019 for a projected publishing date in 2020, this project centers around a girl and her dragon. Artwork provided on the side was done by me and is just a rough exploration of the character(s).

For more info, follow my progress on Instagram.